Preppy Rich Bitch

Preppy Rich Bitch
Omega Appliers
Slink Stockings
Slink Flat Feet Boots

Bandanna 23 Bodycon

Omega Appliers
6 Colors

The Weekenders

Weekender Denim-Mesh 5 Sizes
Mesh Crop 5 Sizes Includes  Lolas

55 Lindens ONLY

Located At Fi* Fridays

Cali Winters Outfit

Comes In 4 Colors
Jacket Is Mesh
Everything Else Is Appliers
Boots Are A Group Gift

Wild Thang Dress

Click To Enlarge
This Dress comes in 6 Colors

Teaser Playsuits & Annie Slink Flats

This is sold as a set for 69 L's At FreakyFridays

Highrize Tattoos

All Tattoos Have Regular Tattoo Layers & Omega Appliers

The Updated Diamond Glitter Nails

These Nails Are Omega ready & other designers are able to make appliers for them.
Also plenty of info is available On Omega BlogSpot
Other designers nail appliers will nto work without the updated nails At Highrize.

Benefits Of Having These Nails.
You can change each nail a different color/design.
Wear it with diamonds On/Off
You can wear other designers creations.
Made for 13 Slink Hands.
Comes In 3 Edit App Hand Sizes. 10-20-30

Monsterette Platforms

The Monsterette Platforms Fit Slink High ONLY!
Comes In 2 Versions
The Glitters Version Is Animated