Bod Maxi Dress

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Bod Maxi Dress (6 Colors)
This is a Bodysuit style front with a train back.

Notice Me Mini Maxi

Notice Me Mini Maxi
6 Color Variations

Gladys Lingerie Set

Gladys Lingerie Set
Comes In 2 Versions
1-With the bodysuit
2- Without The Bodysuit
Comes in 4 Colors

Diamond Glitter Nails

For Slink Hands ONLY!
Includes a Color Hud For Diamonds & Base Color

All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me Maxi (4 Colors)
Candy Snakeskin Heels

Extraordinary Maxi Dress

 The Extraordinary Maxi Dress
6 Colors
Omega Appliers

Chasity Platform Stilettos

From Beauty Is Pain Located Inside HighRize MainStore

Outrageous Dress

Outrageous Dress
Omega Appliers
8 Color Choices

Shopping Days

Wearing The Fur Crop Coats
The Thickum Leggums In Glitter
Fuck Me Wedges In Black-Slink High

Colors Love You

Straight Snuggin

Animal Hoodie-HighRize
Ugg Boots-HighRize
Edible Leggums-HighRize

Gotta Love Stripes

Knitted Maxi & Chevron Dress- HighRize
Heels On Left- B.I.P 
Hells On Right- HighRize

Simply Classy

Freshia Dress & Amelia Dress- HighRize
BabyDoll Heels- HighRize

Winter Is Here

Braided Knit Coat- HighRize
Braided Velvet Sweats-HighRize
OuterSpace Boots-HighRize
Braided Knit Sweater-Bellaire
Mesh Body- Belleza
Head, Hands, Feet- Slink

Game Day

  Crowned Varsity- HighRize
Foam Thumb- HighRize
Fuck ME Wedges-HighRize
Slink Nails Add-On- HighRize
Mesh Body- Belleza
Head, Hands, Feet- Slink